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Welcome to the Aventura Sales Report section.  If you are a Buyer or a Seller who is not in a rush to make a move, then this section will work great for you.  Do you ever feel confused about the media's interpretation of the real estate market?  One day they say the market is getting better, then they say it is getting worse.  We have decided to stop the confusion and to report the real facts and data about the market, without the hype and sensationalism.  

Every month we update this section with the most up-to-date market statistics available directly from the MLS system.  No slanted opinions, no hype, just the raw data so that you can decide what to do.  Of course if you need help interpreting the data or would just like to ask a quick question, then we would be happy to share our 10+ years of experience with you.

Here are the all the reports available that we update in the first week of each month.   If there is a particular report you would like to see, then we can create it for you.  Simply fill out the box to your right and we can make a custom report that will help you reach your real estate decisions much more clearly.

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