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Don’t Settle for Anything Less than Your Ideal Luxury Condo or Anyone Less Experienced Than-

Aventurai’s Condo Specialist: Roman Pavlik

You know what you want...and I am absolutely committed to making sure your Aventura luxury condo is everything you want it to be. Whether you desire waterfront living, downtown’s excitement or a quiet side street, you are guaranteed to find it among my team’s large inventory of available condos. We view more than 200 properties each month, so we can offer you the best selection of condos at the best possible price.

Why am I so sure you’re going to love your Aventura condo lifestyle? This city literally puts a world of activities just outside your door. From international-themed restaurants to professional sports teams to jazzy clubs to lively performing arts to white-sand beaches, Miami offers you unparalleled access to fun. I’ve lived and worked here for more than a decade and I’m constantly discovering new places to go and things to do; that’s one of the things you’ll enjoy most about living here.

As my team and I work with you to find your ideal luxury condo, we will dedicate ourselves to making the process stress-free for you. That translates into an unparalleled level of service you won’t receive from just any agent. We’ll send a limousine to pick you up, deliver video tours of condos to your computer, help you find temporary lodging, connect you with trustworthy vendors and do anything else you need to make your move to Miami as effortless as possible. We even offer property, rental and company management for out of towners and investors.

Please feel free to call on me and my team. We are ready to do everything in our power to find your ideal luxury condo.

Roman Pavlik, P.A.
"Mr. Aventura"
700 NE 90th St.
Miami, FL 33138
Office: 305-942-8322
Fax: 305-675-3809


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