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So your Aventura Condo didn't sell the first time around, now what? There may be many reasons why it didn't sell.  It is easy to blame the market and say nothing is selling, or that there are too many foreclosures.  Let's face it, the market is not what it was back in the early 2000s and therefore requires a vastly different marketing approach.



FACT 1:  Agents are leaving the real estate business in record numbers.

WHY?  When the real estate market was rapidly appreciating, very little skill was required by agents to sell homes because buyers were lined up willing to do whatever it took to buy homes on day one of the listing.  Now the market is saturated with foreclosures and short sales which account for 67% of the sales, and only experienced and seasoned agents who have the knowledge and skill in working with the banks, are thriving now.

FACT 2:  Only 1 out of 22 condos are selling in Aventura.

WHY? Prices have been declining at an average of 2% per month since 2005.  Foreclosures and short sales are hitting the market at a record pace and market conditions are changing on a weekly basis.  Failure of agents to keep homeowners informed with the changes are causing homes to sit on the market longer without really knowing why. 

FACT 3:  On average there are 60-70 condos in Aventura that are selling every month, so there is no reason why your's cannot be one of them. 

WHY?: There are 4 reasons why your Condo may not have sold the first time around. Price, Condition, Location, Marketing.


Price:   In today's market if you do not get showings & offers within the first 30 days, there is high likelyhood that your price is too hight and you will need price reductions to attract buyer interest.  Remember that prices are dropping an average 2% per month so every month you wait to reduce the price, you will lose 2% in value. You control the price.  Was your previous agent sending you a weekly update with how prices are changing with the competing properties?

Condition: If you are getting some showings but no offers, then you need to compare the view and condition of your unit versus the ones that are selling in your price range.  If your unit is not in fully upgraded condition, then buyers will buy competing similarly priced units which are.  You control the condition of your unit.  Did your previous agent analyze the value of your upgrades versus competing units.

Location and View: If you are getting many showings but no offers, then there is a high probability that there are other units which are in better location or have better views.  Did your agent adjust and advise on how to adapt to these differences?

Marketing Effort:  This is where most agents fall short. Gone are the days of putting the property in MLS and waiting.  Unfortunately, that is what most agents do because they don't have the funds to implement a long term comprehensive strategy, and they don't have the manpower to keep you updated consistently. 72% of homeowners would not use the same real estate agent again to sell their homes.  The number one reason given was that "as soon as I listed my home, I never heard from my agent again and I was stuck in a long term commitment and couldn't get out".

Don't be fooled again ... the empty promises of the average agent. I would like to Introduce my HASSLE FREE MARKETING SYSTEM specifically customized for Aventura Homeowners who tried and failed to sell their home with a previous agent.

Hassle Free Marketing means you get Full Service, a Flexible Commission Structure, and you are backed by our IRON CLAD CANCELLATION GUARANTEE so that you are never locked in to a lengthy listing agreement.  We take all the risk so that you don't have to.  Here are some additional facts:

AVG Days on Market in Dade/Broward:   112              Roman :    57
AVG Days on Market in Aventura Only:    148             Roman :    58
AVG # sales in 2008 for All Agents:             7              Roman :  104

So it is a FACT that I will sell your Aventura Condo almost 3 times as fast as the average agent. I am so confident that I can help you that I even Guarantee your Aventura Condo sold in 60 days or I will pay you $1000!.  Here are 21 reasons why I am able to do this:

  1. You get a weekly update via email so that you know what is selling and hitting the market
  2. I personally call you at least every 2 weeks to discuss strategy and address any concerns.
  3. You get a monthly mailing with all showings, marketing, feedback, and recommendations.
  4. I have full time professionals 7 days a week to answer calls on your home with a 99% answer rate. This means more showings and faster sale. 
  5. You get a Full Internet website just for your condo with video and virtual tours, floorplans, pictures, and most importantly the condo docs, budget and financials so that buyers can see upfront the stability of your association.

TO VIEW REASONS 6-21, you can view my entire HASSLE FREE MARKETING PROGRAM for Aventura Residents by clicking here.  

If you would like more information about my Guaranteed Home Sale Program, you can listen to our prerecorded hotline at 1-877-610-3578 ID 1077

To view current market conditions in AVENTURA :  Click Here.

If you are ready to get started and have MR. AVENTURA contact you for an appointment, then call Roman's Cell at 305-343-3910 of the office at 305-674-4811, or by email click here.

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