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Discover Your L.Q.- Luxury Quotient

You know about I.Q., but what's your L.Q.?

Your Luxury Quotient™ is a measure of the amenities that are available in the various Aventura neighborhoods and how they compare to what you are looking for in an Aventura Residence. You may crave a waterfront location for your yacht, an area filled with unique shops, a condo with a breathtaking view of the ocean or skyline, a neighborhood that’s open all night, certain concierge services,  or a place where you can walk to everything. Don’t hold back—decide what will fulfill your L.Q. and then start looking.

To find out which neighborhoods and communities best match your L.Q., simply fill out the form below and we will prepare a customized list of the buildings we recommend for you.

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Barbara Corcoran and Roman Pavlik Kevin O'Leary and Roman Pavlik

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Roman Pavlik and Glenn Beck at the Radio Station

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